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Temple Legend

Standing in front of the Kalleri, Sree Kuttichathan Temple. One is filled with an aura of Reverence and serenity .The temple bears testimony to the historical and cultural aspirations of the people in and around Kalleri . It is believed that an earnest devotee’s prayers never goes unanswered. History records the birth of Sri Kuttichathan to an illicit relationship between a high caste Eastern Payannur Namboodiri and a low caste lady when the Zamindari system was in full swing during the 15th century.

The pregnant mother was forced to do all sorts of laborious jobs even during her advanced period of pregnancy that the delivery of Kuttichathan itself occurred while she was sowing in the paddy fields. Sheer exhaustion, hunger and fatigue had forced the lady to work for a square meal. She fell down and delivered Kuttichathan.


His boyhood days were full of misery and neglect, he was forced to do all household chores and was treated with contempt and sneer that he developed animosity even toward his progenitor and he was visibly annoyed at others who mocked at his illegitimate birth. The young Kuttichathan was so angered over his racial discrimination and the manner in which he was handled by the Namboodiri household where he was educated. He was made to work hard for his bread and given all sorts of jobs which the young one could ill afford to do. He was filled with so much venom and vengeance that he decided to run away from Payyannur.


He reached the historically important Lokanarkavu, where he befriended Malmathan Kunkkan and Kunkkan became great admirer of Kuttichathan. The temple festival of Loknarkavu was conducted by four ancestral families and Kunkkan was honoured with the right of tying the umbrellas. Despite waiting from dawn to dusk, he was sidelined by the landed gentry. A dejected Kunkan approached Kuttichathan and narrated his tale of woe, an enraged Kuttichathan came up with burning coals, which he in a fit of rage threw upon the pavilion of the festival leading to utter chaos and confusion.

The unexpected turn of events in the festival, angered the aristocracy and they were on the look out for Kunkan and Kuttichathan. They combed every nook and corner for them. Kunkkan was caught and beheaded and hanged upon the kuttothal, then enraged Kuttichathan unchain Kunnkkan’s head and put before LoknarKavu temple and sung poorapattu after that, he moved over to the surrounding area of LoknarKavu and Kalleri. It remains a mystery, whether Kuttichathan remained in the temple dedicated in his honour or was killed by the people.

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